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Case Buna "School Brick Trapper"

# 9254buna Buna School Brick Trapper
Clip and spey blades
4 1/8" closed

TKC proudly presents the Buna “School Brick Trapper.” From 1926-2003 Buna students walked the halls of this beautiful building. In 2003, the last classes were held here as a modern school facility was built in a new location. Through a special process, these bricks have been preserved as knife handles for the Buna School “School Brick Trapper.” This Case Trapper (# 9254 Buna) features corelon encased “School Brick” handles. The Tru-sharp surgical steel Clip and Spey blades are laser engraved, commemorating the Buna School.

Buna "School Brick Trapper" 9254buna$79.95
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