Buck's 4 Steps to Choosing a Knife
Buck's 4 Steps to Choosing a Knife
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1. HOW WILL YOU USE A BUCK KNIFE? -A Buck Knife is a knife designed for a purpose. There are knives for opening boxes and cutting twine. Knives for backpacking, hunting and fishing. Knives for when your survival is on the line. And knives for collectors.

Fixed-blade: - Always ready and dependable.
Folding knife: - Compact, safer to carry; improved dependability with locking blade.
One-handed opening:- Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well.
Gutting/skinning blade: - For field dressing game.
Thick Blade: For heavy-duty tasks. Light-weight: Composite or other materials minimize weight. Saw edge: For cutting wood or bone. Sharpness: Stays sharp and is easy to sharpen.

3. THE MATERIALS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCETHE BLADE- A strong blade has good edge retention is resistant to rust and sharpens well.
S30V is the best blade steel available. It is a high vanadium stainless steel with very high edge retention.
154CM and BG-42 are two custom steels with much higher carbon content, giving them excellent hardness ratings and dramatically higher edge retention.
420HC is a stainless steel that provides excellent rust resistance, has good edge retention and is easy to sharpen. In a word, ideal.

THE HANDLE - When you hold your knife the handle should feel solid and well constructed. A good handle feels solid and well constructed when you hold it. Choose from several different styles and materials. Handle Features:
Ergonomic design adds comfort.
Rubber or textured handles are a sure grip in wet conditions.
Wood adds beauty to the knife.
Plastic/composite materials are durable under extreme conditions.

4. A KNIFE FOR LIFE - When you purchase one of our knives, you’re buying reliability, performance and a reputation that goes back over 100 years. We back all our products with an unconditional lifetime warranty. If your Buck Knife should fail, we’ll stand behind it.

QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP - A knife is a tool you should be able to count on. A Buck knife is a well-made knife that will provide you years of loyal service and a lifetime guarantee. Here are some questions you should ask before you buy any knife, even a Buck. After all, it’s the little things that make a difference.

- Does the design fit the expected purpose of the knife?

- Do the materials match the demands of the knife?

- Is the knife made with high quality materials?

- Was the blade heat-treated for optimum performance and durability?

- Is the knife made with high quality construction?

- Do all of the parts fit smoothly, solidly, seamlessly? (When a folding knife is open, the blade should not have a loose, wobbly feel) If the knife is a “folder,” does it open and close easily? It the knife is a “lockback,” does it lock in place properly?

- Will the knife hold its edge, yet resharpen well? (lesser quality knives may have initial sharpness, but typically their edge won't last, and resharpening wears them out quickly)

- Will the knife withstand whatever Mother Nature dishes out?

- Does the knife come with a lifetime guarantee?