Grandma, a Case & an Apple
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Thanks, Case Knife,
When I was an infant, I contracted diphtheria. In 1909 there were no antibiotics. The strong medicine they gave me rotted my teeth. As I loved apples, this was a special handicap for I could not bite a crisp apple, My Grandmother Witty, an earnest believer in the Jesus, saw this as an opportunity rather than a problem. "Sit down, honey, and I will scrape you an apple," she said many times. I always obeyed instantly for I knew what was coming. She went to the kitchen and brought back a shining red apple and a Case knife. Cutting apple in half, she scraped the apple with the edge of the Case knife and fed me the apple sauce. As she fed me the apple, she told me a Bible story. The Bible became a wonderfully enjoyable book as I learned about Adam and Eve, about Noah, about Abraham, about David while eating the apple Grandma scrapped with a Case knife which was not stainless steel but never a spot of rust. I am now a great Grandfather of ninety-six years of age but I have never forgotten my childhood experience with a Case knife.