Handle Materials
Handle Materials
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Product description

Through the years, Case has used a multitude of handle materials. The unique qualities of these materials enhance the character and collectability of Case Knives. Listed below are handle materials used by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company.

Appaloosa- brown and light spots (smooth bone)
Black Bone - smooth bone dyed black
Birdseye - not a handle material but refers to large rivets on handle
Bone - shin bone of cattle
Bone Stag - same as bone with different jigging
Brass - brass metal
Brown Bone - dyed bone
Buffalo Horn - can be horn from any animal
Burnt Orange - brownish orange delrin
Buttermilk - 2 colored cream celluloid
Candy Stripe - red & white stripe celluloid
Celluloid - man made material (translucent appearance)
Christmas Tree - celluloid of mingled red, green & black
Cocobolo - hard wood
Composition - man made material (solid appearance)
Cracked Ice - off color white (appearance of frosted window)
Delrin - man made plastic, petro base
Ebony - ebony wood
Engine turned silver - metal with uniform knurl lines
Genuine Pearl - mother of pearl shell
Genuine Stag - antlers of deer
Gold - 14K, 12K 10K & plated
Gold Stone - gold glitter celluloid
Green Bone - bone dyed shades of green
High Art - photos under clear celluloid
Horn - horn from various animals
Imitation Ivory - composition resembling ivory
Imitation Onyx - yellowish marble appearance
Imitation Pearl - man made white composition
Ivory - animal tusk
Jigged Bone - machine notched bone
Laminated Wood - layers of wood pressed together
Marine pearl - imitation pearl
Mother Of Pearl - see Genuine Pearl
Mottled - mingled colors
Multi-Color - many colors in stripes or mingled, composition
Nickel Silver - also known as German Silver
Pakkawood - man made, pressed wood appearance
Peachseed - jigging on bone appears pitted as peachseed
Pyralin - man made, petro base such as celluloids
Pyremite - same as Pyralin
Red Bone - bone dyed various shades of red
Red Stag - stag dyed various shades of red
Redwood - wood from redwood trees
Rogers Bone - bone processed by the Rogers Co. - dark to brilliant red, also green, brown, heavier than most bones.> Early type - brown, tan or yellow color; late type - reddish brown, to bright red.
Rough Black - man made plastic “PLASTAG” 1940
Saw Cut - bone or comp. has been sawn & left marks
Scales - anything used as handle materials
Second Cut Stag - pieces of stag with little or no character or grooves that have been specially jigged and dyed to give the material a stronger stag appearance
Slick Black - man made composition
Smoked Pearl - dark bluish gray in either genuine pearl or imitation pearl
Smooth Bone - self explanatory
Stag - same as Genuine Stag
Staglon - imitation stag
Stained Bone - dyed bone
Stainless Steel - self explanatory
Sterling Silver - self explanatory
Tortoise - actual tortoise shell - illegal to use now
Tortoise Celluloid - imitation of actual tortoise shell
Walnut - wood of walnut tree
Waterfall - translucent material that resembles waterfall as knife is rotated
Winterbottom Bone - bone processed by Winterbottom Co.
Wire - knife frames made from #9 wire
Wood - various wood: walnut, ebony, redwood, maple, etc.