Indenitifying Patterns
Indenitifying Patterns
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Indenitifying Patterns
How To Identify Case Knife Patterns

Over the course of Case’s long history, literally hundreds of different knife patterns have been created. To help collectors identify the various patterns, a unique numbering system was developed.

You can find the Case knife pattern number stamped on the tang of your knife’s blade. This number tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. The first number indicates the type of material used to make the handle, Use the handle material key (shown below). The second digit simply indicates the number of blades. The last two or more digits indicate the factory pattern number.

Handle Material Key
1. Solid Hardwoods
2. Smooth Black Synthetic Thermoplastic Rubber
3. Smooth Yellow Synthetic
4. Smooth White Synthetic
5. Genuine Stag
6. Jigged Bone, Jigged Brown Synthetic, Jigged Laminated Hardwood
7/P Curly Maple/Rosewood/Laminated Hardwood
8. Genuine Pearl
9. Imitation Pearl
10. Micarta
M Stainless Steel or Synthetic
I Imitation Ivory