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Military Knives
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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery and The United States Military

Through the years Case has played a major role in producing cutlery items for the United States Armed Forces.

- 1917- Case Cutlery was awarded a military contract for 81,667 Jack knives at a cost of 0.3943 cents each.

- 1944- Case produced 24,175 V44 Military Machete’s - very similar to a Bowie knife in appearance.

- 1966- Case’s most famous government project, the NASA Knife, was produced.

- Case was awarded the Army and Navy “E” Flag and Recognition Award for their wartime efforts.

- After WWII, Case made knives for the Veterans Administration - supplying them with large quantities of the One-Armed Man’s Knife until the 1960’s.

- Case’s V42 First Special Forces Stiletto is one of the worlds most collectible WWII knives.