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Case Newton County Courthouse Brick Trapper

TKC proudly presents the Newton County Courthouse Brick Trapper. The Newton County courthouse was built in 1902-03 using brick made on nearby Caney Creek. Damaged by an electrical fire in 2000, the courthouse stood empty for six years. Restoration began in 2006 with grants from the Texas Historical Commission and other donations. In spite of problems and delays, the restoration was completed in 2012 and the courthouse officially reopened at a rededication ceremony on the courthouse square December 8, 2012. Through a special process, some bricks from this old building have been preserved as knife handles for the Newton County Courthouse Brick Trapper

#9254Newton Newton Courthouse Brick Trapper
Clip and spey blades
4 1/8" closed

Newton County Courthouse 9254Newton$79.95
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