Case "The Silsbee Bee" Brick Trapper

TKC proudly presents the Silsbee Bee Brick Trapper. Founded by W.H. Harris, the initial edition of the Bee hit the streets on March 15, 1919. In 1933 W.H. Harris retired, selling the Bee to J.R. Gilbert, who sold it to David Read. Joined by his brother Robert L. Read in 1937, the Reads ran the Silsbee Bee for 58 years. During that time the Bee moved to the corner of Hwy 92 and Ave. M. In addition to serving as the paperís headquarters, the Bee building was also election central for eastern Hardin County and all election results were posted there on large chalkboards, often with large crowds watching. In 1991 Read sold the paper to present owners Danny and Janet Reneau and it remains in operation today and is a powerful voice in Hardin County.
Through a special process, some bricks from the original Silsbee Bee building have been preserved as knife handles for The Silsbee Bee Brick Trapper

# 9254 SilB The Silsbee Bee Brick Trapper
Clip and spey blades
4 1/8" closed

The Silsbee Bee Brick Trapper 9254Silb$79.95
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